Вентиляторы для секционных градирен
Severstal JSC SVG-256-4 “ECOTEP” cooling tower
Вентилятор для секционных градирен
Kirov CHPP SPA “IRVIK” cooling tower

Cell-type cooling tower fans

Cell-type cooling towers are the most spread type of cooling towers in industrial enterprises that is why they are represented with a variety of engineering solutions. Each cell may reach 400 square meters [20×20 m] in area. As a general rule, cell size increase might be caused by cooling ability increase of a cooling tower.
In recent decades, customers for obvious reasons limit allocated areas for new cooling towers construction or outdated cooling towers reconstruction more often. Herewith customers increase requirements for cooling tower performance from year to year.

In that case, cooling tower performance might be increased by highly efficient up-to-date nozzles [irrigators] with high degree of density. Such nozzles application entails inevitably to airway resistance increase of a cooling tower cell. Typical fans VG-50, VG-70 and VG-104 being used previously are not capable to overcome increased resistance and facilitate sufficient air inflow through a cell.

Вентилятор ВГ 104
Cooling tower fan, ⌀10,5м

Venteco team of engineers is willing to design an individual solution and construct a fan being capable of meeting your highest requirements you put for cell-type cooling tower fans. Available diameter range fluctuates from 5.000 mm to 12.000 mm. Owing to up-to-date equipment usage and due to precise reliable engineering solutions, we may offer you high-performance cooling tower fans with low power consumption. A wide variety of component manufacturers as well as a huge spectrum of additional mechanical and electronic options allow you to equip your cooling tower with a fan rigged with accordance to the newest world standards. In the case of aggressive environment presence in circulating water or in atmosphere, we will offer you special equipment which is resistant to chemicals depending on your requirements.


What we offer:

  • Impeller with composite blades (composite impeller);
  • Impeller with aluminum blades (aluminum impeller);
  • Impeller diameter up to 12.000 mm, blades quantity from 3 to 8;
  • Specialized cooling tower gearbox;
  • Composite drive shaft [unsupported];
  • Electric motor for gear drive or low-speed motor;
  • Fan cases with a wide variety of diameters and heights.

Additional options:

  • Fan with low noise emission;
  • Fan with low power consumption;
  • Mechanical brake with locking function;
  • Mechanical backstop locking device;
  • Non-adjustable hydraulic shaft;
  • Remote lubrication system and gearbox de-airing system;
  • Steel skid;
  • Explosion-proof fan execution (ATEX standards);
  • Resistant to chemicals fan execution [acids, alkalis];
  • Control station with monitoring option;
  • Auto control station of cooling processes including monitoring function of pump and APCS integration into industrial enterprises;

Our services:

  • Fan engineering;
  • Supervised installation, commissioning and start-up;
  • Annual fan service maintenance;
  • Cooling tower vibration-based diagnostics;
  • Impeller repairing and balancing adjustment;
  • Composite fan stacks repairing;
  • Cooling tower gearbox repairing;
  • Spare parts for equipment supplied.


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