Вентиляторы для сухих градирен
Forced draft fan with a diameter of 10.5 m, 200 kW
Вентиляторы для сухих градирен
Ultra quite cooling tower fan, < 65dB (A)

Fans for dry cooling towers

Fans for dry cooling towers have the largest range of models. It is stipulated not only with their diameters but a huge variety of dry cooling tower constructions.

Forced draft fans and induced draft fans are supposed to be applied for dry cooling towers. Venteco company will engineer an individual solution and supply a complete fan depending on cooling tower construction for your unique project. Our constructors are reasonably experienced in fans of different types engineering for dry cooling towers with different drive types.

Proposed solutions are capable to meet your highest requirements applicable to fans: increased capacity, low power consumption, low noise, explosion-proof execution acc. to International standards ATEX 2014/34/EU, high temperature resistance [up to 120 C] and extremely low temperature resistance [up to -55 C].

Venteco offers up-to-date fan replacement for outdated currently in use dry cooling tower. It might be an analogous complete fan coincided maximally with performance and dimensions to an outdated fan; or it might be original parts supplying for currently working fan [blades, impellers, gearboxes, shafts, motors etc.].

What we offer:

  • Complete fans with a diameter up to 10.500 mm;
  • Impellers with composite blades with a diameter of 10.500 mm;
  • Aluminum impellers with a diameter up to 9.000 mm;
  • Converging tubes;
  • Geared motors;
  • Motors;
  • Belt drives;
  • Gear drives;
  • Control cabinet.


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