Осевой вентилятор
Осевой вентилятор
Осевой вентилятор

Compact cooling towers are rigged with axial cooling fans with a diameter from 400 mm to 4.500 mm. They work in forced draft mode or induced draft mode. Radial fans are applied for several models of cooling towers working in induced draft mode.

Axial fans with a diameter from 1.300 mm to 4.500 mm are appealing about their engineering that is individual project. Using advanced engineering solutions and up-to-date components, Venteco company offers you reliable, easy-to-use and energy efficient fans which allow to minimize exploitation expenditures.

Axial and radial fans for compact cooling towers

What we offer:

  • Axial fans with a diameter from 1.300 mm to 4.500 mm;
  • Axial fan assembly with a diameter up to 1.300 mm;
  • Radial fans for cooling towers;
  • Stations and control cabinets for fan controlling and/or for cooling process controlling.

Our services:

  • Fans designing with a diameter from 1.300 mm to 4.500 mm;
  • Spare parts supplying and fan repairing.


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