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Обследование вентиляторных градирен

Cooling towers’ survey

Carrying out a cooling towers’ survey to calculate total amount of investments and returns.

Расчеты и проектирование вентиляторов

Structural analysis and design

Calculation, design and development of the cooling tower fan. Linking it with an existing or a new project.

Поставка оборудования для градирен

Supply of equipment

Delivery of special high-qualified equipment designed for the operation in cooling towers at the best price.

Реконструкция вентиляторов градирен

Fans reconstruction

Reconstruction or replacement of outmoded cooling tower fans by high-performance energy-efficient fans.

Energy audits of cooling towers

Carrying out energy audits of cooling towers to increase their efficiency and to reduce your exploitation costs.

АСУ для градирен

Cooling towers automation

The best and the most affordable solutions on cooling automation for new and existing cooling towers on the basis of Smart Drive CT.

Do you need the best solution for your cooling towers?

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Cooling fans for SK 1200 and SK 400

The use of modern equipment with minimal constructive changes will maintain your cooling towers and make them fully operational alongside with high performance and low energy use.

Fans for wet cooling towers

The choice of any fan diameter in the range between 1800 millimeters and 12000 millimeters will allow you to implement all kinds of non-standard cooling tower designs or modernize existing model projects.

Fans for dry coolers

Forced draft blowers or exhaust blowers ranging from 5 kW to 200 kW capacity using fan wheels with composite or aluminium alloy blades.

Fans for explosive zone (ATEX)

Design and construction of fans operating in potentially explosive environments determined in accordance with the Directive 2014/34/EU Equipment for explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

High temperature cooling fans [up to 120°C]

For the harshest conditions, either dry cooling towers or drying chambers, we can always offer a wide choice of high temperature fans.

Forsed draft fans

Forced draft blowers with diameters up to 6000 millimeters for either cooling towers operating in special conditions, or for ventilation.

Fans with belt drive

Design and construction of new or modernization of existing belt-driven fans.

Axial and radial fans for compact cooling towers

Axial fans at affordable prices with diameters ranging from 800 to 4500 mm.

Compact wet cooling towers

Ready for installation complete wet cooling towers made of corrosion-resistant materials for various kinds of industries are able to fulfil a wide range of needs.

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Монтаж вентиляторных агрегатов

Up-to-date fans are complicated devices which the specific equipment is used in. It is used for installation which requires special tools and professional skills. Service engineers of our company have huge experience to install and start up fans aggregates. Each of Venteco service engineer is a highly qualified mechanic and control & instrumentation engineer that has undergone studying and knows perfectly the specificity of heat exchange equipment and fans. Trust them installation, and you will obtain fast and qualitative results. It will allow to avoid high priced equipment damage, terms of constructions delay and non-reasonable expenses.

Ежегодное сервисное обслуживание

Hand over fans servicing to outsourcing.

Do you have many fans in your enterprise? But you do not have specialists to professionally maintain them? Use our service and enter into a contract with us to annually maintain your dry and wet cooling tower fans on favorable terms.

Our specialists will professionally conduct a complete fan and airway inspection. Service engineer will fulfil in the shortest time necessary work load stipulated by technical regulations. After the fulfilment they will make control instrumental measurements. It allows to find out and eliminate in time factors that might be a reason of cooling tower emergency stop at the most inopportune moment.

Owing to timely provided maintenance service, fan functioning of your enterprise will be reliable and trouble-free.

Ремонт рабочих колес

Use our service to repair impellers and fan stack made of composite materials if it obviously allows to avoid expensive components procurement, reduce costs and restore cooling tower fan to exploit in short time. We are able to repair them on our own sites or at your site directly.

Our service engineers are ready to arrive at your site immediately with all the necessary materials and tools. They are ready to carry repair works out professionally in the shortest time and to conduct supervision of restored equipment installation. Results will exceed all you expactations.

Ремонт редукторов

Gearboxes have long operational lives. Their operating lives exceed 20-30 years if maintain timely and due. Maintenance and overhaul of gearboxes are necessary.

Bearings, gear pair or gearbox attachments replacement in Venteco will allow to restore or return a gearbox to exploit at the soonest. Original part are used for repairing. Warranty for work completion is provided.

Энергоаудит градирен

If you need to now the fact performance of a dry or wet cooling tower fan as well as complete and static pressure, Venteco technical engineers have all necessary skills and equipment to conduct such research. Use our service to obtain a comprehensive report about cooling tower fan performance.

Vibration is one of the most important reason of cooling tower fan crash. It does not allow to use to full extent of fan capabilities. It is not compulsory the reason of its appearing is a fan by itself. It might be cooling tower construction as well. Sometimes it is complicated to identify and eliminate the cause of vibrations. Venteco has high qualified and experienced professionals in the staff specialized in vibration-based diagnostics. They have high accuracy equipment to identify and eliminate vibration causes. Use our service regarding vibrations.

Измерение и устранение вибраций
Поставка запчастей

Venteco company always has spare parts for fans supplied for the customers earlier on stock. We are always willing to provide our customers with them in the shortest time. It can be different control measuring instruments for gearboxes or motors as well as for gland seals or bearings, couplings/shaft components, impellers, fan stack segments. We do our best to make our fan users satisfied at maximum with after-sales service.

Поставка оборудования для градирен

Do you implement a big project, however you have a site shortage for equipment supplied storing? Are you seeking reliable shipping carrier with a low rate? You do not have time for storage organizing and a product delivering to the construction site, do you? Trust logistics to our company. Consolidate your goods in our warehouse. We will carry out the storage, packaging, packaging and marking of your goods. You may watch the process on-line. We will deliver your equipment when you need anywhere in Russia and the world with favorable rates.

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