Технический надзор за строительством вентиляторных градирен
Technical supervision of fan cooling tower construction

Technical supervision of fan cooling towers construction

If you plan to construct a new fan cooling tower and you are in need of independent inspectors-engineers having knowledge of construction codes, concrete structures and metal structures building rules, electric lines and engineering communications as well as work specifity of cooling towers and fans operations, then use our technical supervision and draw Venteco engineers to control fan cooling tower construction.

Up-to-date construction supervision allows to control quality of works and terms of completion to be prevented from possible mistakes that might be fixed only with extra time costs and costs on materials after construction is finished.

What we offer:

  • Supervision of concrete structures erection of a cooling tower;
  • Supervision of metal structures erection;
  • Supervision of technological equipment installation;
  • Supervision of electric and engineering communications installation;
  • Supervision of fan equipment installation.

You will obtain detailed reports about completion stages throughout the construction.

Besides, out inspectors will help you to measure cooling tower and fans performance at the end of construction to compare actual performance indicators and design ones.


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