АСУ для градирен
Smart Drive control station of cooling process

APCS for fan cooling towers

If you are striving to keep up with the times, and you pay attention to introducing up-to-date equipment into your enterprise, then use our designs in automation with the latest achievements in the sphere.

Our solutions allow to make the cooling process stable, optimize exploitation expenditures and reduce power consumption of your enterprise as well as to repay quickly investments back.

Smart Drive control stations are designed for controlling cooling tower fans and cooling process in cooling towers. Information about equipment situation might be sent not only onto computer monitors of control center operator but onto a smartphone of your employee being responsible for this wherever he is.

It is not important whether you construct a new cooling tower or wish to automate the existing one, we will offer you a solution which will fit all the tasks put.

We offer:

  • Automated fan control stations;
  • Automated control stations of cooling process;
  • Frequency regulation by fans and pumps
  • Frequency regulation by fans with high voltage drives;
  • Control station of a group of cooling towers;
  • Old fans transferring to frequency control.


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