Cooling fans for SK 1200 and SK 400

The use of modern equipment with minimal constructive changes will maintain your cooling towers and make them fully operational alongside with high performance and low energy use.

Fans for wet cooling towers

The choice of any fan diameter in the range between 1800 millimeters and 12000 millimeters will allow you to implement all kinds of non-standard cooling tower designs or modernize existing model projects.

Fans for dry coolers

Forced draft blowers or exhaust blowers ranging from 5 kW to 200 kW capacity using fan wheels with composite or aluminium alloy blades.

Fans for explosive zone (ATEX)

Design and construction of fans operating in potentially explosive environments determined in accordance with the Directive 2014/34/EU Equipment for explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

High temperature cooling fans [up to 120°C]

For the harshest conditions, either dry cooling towers or drying chambers, we can always offer a wide choice of high temperature fans.

Forsed draft fans

Forced draft blowers with diameters up to 6000 millimeters for either cooling towers operating in special conditions, or for ventilation.

Fans with belt drive

Design and construction of new or modernization of existing belt-driven fans.

Axial and radial fans for compact cooling towers

Axial fans at affordable prices with diameters ranging from 800 to 4500 mm.

Compact wet cooling towers

Ready for installation complete wet cooling towers made of corrosion-resistant materials for various kinds of industries are able to fulfil a wide range of needs.

Обследование вентиляторных градирен

Cooling towers’ survey

Carrying out a cooling towers’ survey to calculate total amount of investments and returns.